MVP reached

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

It’s been another solid few days of work in solidifying the message of the website, and more importantly, of the business itself. Google Analytics has been integrated with event goals and the obligatory spam filters that will keep the data … Read More

Design One

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

Okay, progress.  I like this design for the website.  I guess I will never grow out of my love for B&W imagery.  Perhaps those late nights with slightly old photo chemicals took its toll on me!  At any rate, I … Read More

No Limit To Better

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

mysterious clock with ripples

Blog post #1 for Unique Ideas, or whatever this site ends up being called! The start of a new (ad)venture. I must admit, starting something is always fun, or at least for me, it is when the fun starts. Finding … Read More