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"Learning never exhausts the mind." – Leonardo da Vinci

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Ken Truesdale

  • 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience.
  • Founder with successful exit
  • Public company Product and Corporate Development executive
  • Recovering early stage investor
I was originally trained as a photographer at (the once prestigious, now defunct) Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. I left school after a couple years, with the hopes of learning the finer points out in the wild, rather than at a university. I worked my way into the multi-media business, connecting lights, sounds, images and video together with rudimentary computers. The interest is computers took me to computer networks, so one night I took down the photographer marquee and replaced it with a Certified Netware Engineer sign.

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    • "As a busy consultant by day, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to my side projects - the things I’m really passionate about. That’s where Ken and Unique Ideas have been a god send. Having a coaching call every few weeks means I’m able to progress much quicker and get to the right solution, without having to learn all of the pitfalls myself. And when things get really busy, Ken can take over the doing too, so all I need to do is provide the direction and review the output. Highly recommend for anyone building a prototype or MVP."

      Liam Smith, United Kingdom, Business & Technology Consultant

    • "Ok, there is NO way I would have EVER gotten my web app project over the line and out in the wild without Ken's and Unique Ideas help. I started my effort with more ideas than ability, but Ken filled in the gaps, added solid alternate approaches, and most importantly, has taught me a lot. He has done so in a way that made solutions to impasses leaning opportunities, versus just fixing without context, and was generous to leave my fragile ego with 'pride of authorship'. Further, I know I didn't come near his depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, so I am sure he can do the same, even for well-seasoned developers.

      As this project evolves, and with others to come, more challenges will be presented. But, it is game changing for me to know Ken has my back.

      Thanks Ken!"

      S. Bryant

    • "Ken has been a breath of fresh air in a sometimes very frustrating consulting world. He is very reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and understands the goal is to solve the problem fast, and effectively. In our situation our lead programmer resisted my desire to bring a consultant on , but now is absolutely thrilled I did so. On two occasions he made a very generous offer to troubleshoot an issue, fix it and simply bill me later. I would highly recommend him, just please don't use him so much we can't get access to him!!"

      Curt Skene President, Live Trivia Game

    • "Ken does exceptional work, is an excellent communicator and solves complex challenges in record time. I highly recommend his services and plan on engaging Ken in as many projects as possible".

      George Pavlyak, Founder PAV Performance, Cincinnati, OH

    • "I hired Ken to code my MVP on the Bubble platform. Ken is easy to work with and caught on very quickly to the workflow logic, which was not as straightforward as other projects I've done. The turnaround time was very quick and he was extremely responsive to emails and debugging - usually within the hour. Very professional and knowledgeable of the Bubble platform, inherent bugs in the platform and how to work around them, plugins, and other ancillary services. He saved me a lot of time getting the MVP up and running - something that looks good and I'm proud to share with the world. I highly recommend Ken for your Bubble needs!".


    Ideas start companies, Unique Ideas helps them thrive.


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    I Believe...

    • Quality is Efficient

      There is no better path to efficiency, than consistently delivering high quality results.

    • Survivability

      Solutions must never be tied to any one person.

    • Communication

      Consistent communication and transparency builds trust.

    • No Limit To Better

      There is always room to improve; perfect does not exist.

    • Details Matter

      But let's not let them get in the way of big ideas.

    • Iterate

      Small iterations get you closer to your goal, because the goal evolves.

    • Triggers Rule

      Everything gets a trigger, everything gets done

    • Partners

      Stay focused on your core business, and develop relationships to do the rest.

    • Open source

      Open source solutions should be option one for a startup.

    • Discipline

      Ya gotta learn when to say No, and when to say Yes.

    • Authenticity

      People and companies must be true to themselves.

    • Alignment

      The smallest of tasks, have their origin in strategy.

    • Data Driven

      Test. Measure. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.

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