Build an application without coding

Ken TruesdaleNo-Code, Wappler

Can you really build an application without coding? Well, sure, I suppose you can, but I also suppose it depends on your application, and for me, that’s a big deal. A huge advantage of working in small teams is flexibility; … Read More

Git for Wappler

Ken TruesdaleGit, Online Learning, Wappler

Wappler has a visual git integration allowing users to revert, checkout or reset commits, along with other git functionality.

Having Git integrated into Wappler, is very helpful, but I often hear people being very intimidated by the thought of using it. I’ll be breaking down Git for Wappler in a series of videos. Have a look at this series, … Read More

Realtime Data Updates

Ken TruesdaleOnline Learning, Wappler

Wappler recently added a great feature that many Bubble users have been missing — Realtime data updates. It’s available (currently as an experimental feature) on projects with a Node.js server model. ASP/PHP are out of luck for this one. Bubble … Read More

So far, so good

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas, Online Learning

It’s been a month since I launched my first online learning course, and I’m definitely happy with the results. Hundreds of people are creating accounts, watching the video lessons, and spending significant time with the content. In other words, the … Read More

Wappler Hello World

Ken TruesdaleOnline Learning, Wappler

A common step after installation is an obligatory Hello World page — a page that simply displays the text Hello World so you know things are basically setup correctly. In the Getting Started with Wappler course I show how to … Read More

Wappler Interface Overview

Ken TruesdaleOnline Learning, Wappler

The Wappler Interface is generally divided into three panels: server, design and front end. The panels can be sized according to need. The left panel is where you’re going to do server type actions, but also some supporting modules like … Read More

Wappler Targets

Ken TruesdaleOnline Learning, Wappler

Wappler targets are the mechanism we use to deploy an application. You can have targets for development, staging, production, or anything else that fits your workflow. Wappler targets have a few standard types, like Heroku, Docker and Firebase, but also … Read More