The World is Flat

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas, Community

Image of flat globe

Today I’m reminded of the great read “The World is Flat”, by Thomas L. Friedman. In 1995 I decided to build a business that was very dependent on the Internet, both the product and customer acquisition. I spent a few months building the original … Read More

Forum Solutions

Ken TruesdaleCommunity, No-Code

At least once I day I drop by the Bubble™community forum. It’s a vibrant place for people building their own web apps to share, connect and learn. Early on I was only a beneficiary of the help of others, but … Read More

A month of Unique Ideas

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

November 2018

Another fun month of building in November!  Here’s a quick summary: Built a Bubble™ prototype for booking appointments/sessions Began a long-term engagement with a great new client in Belgium Built a private plugin for a client needing access to automotive … Read More

Google Cloud Functions

Ken TruesdaleGoogle Cloud, Python

Google Cloud Functions graphic

For the most part, when I have provided customers with various API endpoint solutions, I’ve hosted those in a central linux instance hosted on Google Cloud Compute Engine. I’ll continue to use that solution for my own deployments, but now … Read More

Building The Big Tiny

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas, MVP, No-Code

no-code tiny opera house dashboard

It started back in January, with one of those “Hey you should talk to…” introductions.  After a few coffee meets and getting to know each other, Hampton Dohrman and I decided to build Tiny Opera House in order to give … Read More

Booking Solution

Ken TruesdaleNo-Code, Prototype

This week a coaching client was having trouble building a session booking solution in Bubble™.  I hadn’t yet built anything like this yet, and couldn’t find any plugin’s that met the need, so I decided to dive in and see … Read More


Ken TruesdaleBizOps

I’ve learned over the last few months that I love business workflow automation. It is so fun to provide solutions that save time and money, while improving team morale, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction! What is workflow automation? Wikipedia … Read More

Life with BizOps

Ken TruesdaleBizOps

What changes once a BizOps person is involved?  For example, when a new product feature request comes in, what does BizOps do with that request?

MVP reached

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

It’s been another solid few days of work in solidifying the message of the website, and more importantly, of the business itself. Google Analytics has been integrated with event goals and the obligatory spam filters that will keep the data … Read More