Your Startup should value BizOps

Ken TruesdaleBizOps, Building Unique Ideas

Sometimes what I do for orgs is really BizOps. I came across this:

Great piece by Jordan Kong

that describes very nicely the concept of BizOps.  It is a worthwhile 3 minute read.

Jordan gives a great definition: “BizOps teams are generally an internal-facing group and broadly aim to create more value for the company and to improve the profitability of the business.”  and goes on to say that “BizOps teams have a “get shit done” mentality and are often tasked with translating business goals (strategy) into tactical operations (execution)”.

So true.  The role of BizOps in a startup rightly falls to the CEO as it deals with an array of different problems/opportunities that do not have a departmental home.  But translating strategy into operations in a cross-functional manner, is not always the forte of new entrepreneurs.  They are passionate beyond words, when it comes to their idea, their new widget, their baby.  The details however, of how to turn that into a sustainable business can be elusive.  Knowing that is half the battle.

But really, just read the article, it covers the topic well.  As Jordan ends it, “Ultimately, the key question is not be whether your startup needs a BizOps team, but when.”