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Blog post #1 for Unique Ideas, or whatever this site ends up being called!

The start of a new (ad)venture. I must admit, starting something is always fun, or at least for me, it is when the fun starts. Finding the concept can become exhausting, so picking something and starting is a great feeling. I’ll be relying on the concept that perfect should not get in the way of good, and will be iterating this business daily. The hope is that iterating content on this site, will help solidify the message, and focus the value prop.

I’m not quite ready to move completely into the teaching phase of professional life, but Unique Ideas is definitely putting one foot into that phase. But the other foot remains firmly planted in the execution and action phase. I still enjoy putting systems together to form something greater than the sum of parts, whether that be building a company, or technology, or teams, the building is uniquely enjoyable.

I’ve named this blog “No Limit To Better”, so some explanation is probably in order. NLTB encompasses two main beliefs for me. 1) Never stop growing, improving, evolving and 2) Don’t chase perfection. NLTB on the one hand is optimistic in reminding me that everything can be improved, and on the other hand is cautionary in explaining that even though things can be improved, they cannot be perfect. This blog will ultimately be filled with advice, instructions, and stories of success and failure, all with an eye on trying to help someone (including myself!,) or some thing, grow.

You might also notice the image of this post. An indirect reminder that everything we do, we do now….so choose wisely, and choose often.