MVP reached

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

It’s been another solid few days of work in solidifying the message of the website, and more importantly, of the business itself. Google Analytics has been integrated with event goals and the obligatory spam filters that will keep the data clean from the start.  Most of the time spent on the site was to in some places add more detail, and in others, pull back and narrow.  The site now has a second layer of pages that begin to explain in more detail the services Unique Ideas will provide.  Content writing is not my forte, but it is getting done, which is enough for me — it will evolve and improve, forever.  Better to get the MVP out the door so I can start talking to people and listening for places to improve, and general see if what I’m offering resonates.

I dealt with some of the nuts and bolts on the site as well: Gravity Forms was added so I can do more advanced form integration.  For one, I added a Slack invite form as I’d like to provide a place for people to get some quick tips.  The obligatory Security plugin has been configured — I went with All in One WP Security.  Basic caching is on, using WP Fastest Cache. Umbermenu has replaced the basic menu’s just to give it a little better look, and more options for responsiveness.

The Open House sign is up — time to get people in and looking around!