Wappler™ Learning

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas, Online Learning, Wappler

Learn how to install and use the core components of Wappler version 3. Wappler is a visual low-code tool for developer web, mobile, and desktop applications worth learning and training with.

Launched a new project today — an online course designed to help new users of Wappler — Wappler 3.x Getting Started.

Wappler is a great product, especially if you appreciate and embrace their business model — they update features (both minor and major) weekly, support through an active forum, and rely on the community to drive much of the documentation and education, as well as bug reporting. People looking for a bug-free product with a solid stable version, are often disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the product is not littered with bugs, but there are more bugs than a product with a large team — we can never forget this is a team of three people.

Personally, this approach works for me. For one, I enjoy finding and reporting bugs–it gives me a stake in the success of the product. I’m not paid monetarily, but I do receive value, as does Wappler. So I decided to join the list of people producing content to support the cause.

My choice was to produce an online course, rather than ad hoc videos or documentation creation. While I have coached both on Bubble and Wappler, I’ve never produced any formal content, so this was a new challenge.

The early reviews are good, but it will take some time to understand if it is actually helping to onboard new Wappler customers.