Experience Efficiency with Workflow Automation

Custom automated workflows that simplify the execution of everyday tasks across your business.



"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."Peter Drucker

Efficiency is found in repeatable processes


Status updates, ownership of tasks, and results can be communicated to the right people, and in realtime.


Extracting key data and presenting in actionable reports, instills individual and group ownership of results.


Automatic data and task processing allow subject matter experts to provide their core value to the business.



Workflows trigger tasks only when dependencies have been met and resources are prepared.


Clear ownership fosters accountability and action. Workflows track who has "got the ball."


First in, first out doesn't always work. Having processes that allow for updating priorities helps steer the ship.

Workflows increase:

  • Visibility
  • Efficiency
  • Morale
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Scalability
  • Integration
  • Accountability

Did the creative team complete the artwork? What happens after they do? Can the marketing team be working in parallel? What priority is being given? Will this be done the same way as the last? Why doesn't the team seem motivated? Do we really need to perform this task? Who is working on this? Remind me why we are doing this? Are we doing too much? Too little? Is dev done so I can do my part?

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