A month of Unique Ideas

Ken TruesdaleBuilding Unique Ideas

November 2018

Another fun month of building in November!  Here’s a quick summary:

  • Built a Bubble™ prototype for booking appointments/sessions
  • Began a long-term engagement with a great new client in Belgium
  • Built a private plugin for a client needing access to automotive data
  • Helped a client understand the OAuth 2 flow and managing tokens
  • Data modeling for several clients needing solid structure to build upon
  • Adding the ability for customers to book sessions with me directly
  • Setup a few payment systems
  • Deployed my first Google Cloud Function with a Python  runtime
  • Met a new contact in the local San Diego startup venture space
  • Taught a client about the use of repeating groups and their control features
  • Explained how to use the geographic address functionality of a Bubble™ search element
  • Helped a client understand the need and use of URL encoding
  • Attending a management meeting for a local startup, sharing my thoughts and experience with founder communication, team structure, and operations
  • Build an API endpoint that processes a nightly CSV upload and ingests that data into another platform
  • Sent a little love to the people that referred business to me
  • Implemented multi-language support for a client
  • Built a prototype allowing users to upload an image, crop it and save it to a database
  • Coached a client in the use of lowercase string comparison when searching for data
  • Researched AWS Lambda but opted to stay with the Google Cloud instead

And perhaps the most important thing — I got back to this blog, which has been ignored far too long!

Enjoy the building…