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So far, so good

It’s been a month since I launched my first online learning course, and I’m definitely happy with the results. Hundreds of people are creating accounts, watching the video lessons, and spending significant time with the content. In other words, the metrics are all good.

The support from the community has also been very positive — it would seem the premise that there was room for a new style of Wappler videos was accurate. Anecdotally the comments were incredibly supportive as well — it is nice to know a connection is forming here. Dozens of reviews have been submitted with most all being 10, with some 8’s and 9’s thrown in to keep me honest. Even better, the answers to some free form questions on how to improve and what content to produce next have been fantastic and actionable.

So, I’m in the course creation business. It is actually a great fit for me, and in hindsight something I probably should have pursued earlier, but then again, I’ve been busy. Content creation will get significant priority now that it has proven worthy of my time.

The first challenge hit when the Wappler interface was modified enough to warrant video updates — I was hoping that would be farther down the line! But the new features are great, so worth some extra effort to make things match up. I didn’t have to re-create all the videos — luckily I know my way around video editing and could seam somethings together. It did prove though, that I need to get very efficient in the content creation and design lessons to survive changes where possible.

That’s the other thing — people with real educational experience have been sharing information to help me improve the structure. It’s very much appreciated, and will force me to put a bit more critical thinking into future courses.

All in, all good, and I’m ready for more, and this whole exercise reinforces the need to just start — stop thinking and start something, you never know where it will lead.

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