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What the heck is BizOps?

BizOps (Business Operations) as a formalized group within a company is relatively new, but the concept of maximizing the value of a company has been around for ages. I work with startups, so I always come back to my belief that the CEO/Founder is the starting point for BizOps, who is ultimately responsible for increasing the value of the company.


  • Is all the activity of a company, that is not the core offer
  • Keeps the internal machine running efficiently
  • Connects the dots in a cross-functional manner
  • Is a product manager for the entire business, working across all disciplines and all levels
  • Ensures things get done, aligning all action with strategy
  • Identifies opportunities to increase revenue, and decrease expense
  • Doesn’t do the day to day business, but sets up the systems for people that do
  • Fills gaps within the organization
  • Has allegiance only to the company, not the wishes of a particular department
  • Looks ahead and is proactive, but is also a great place for fire-fighting

Signs you are ready

  • You don’t CONSISTENTLY send a monthly update to your investors
  • You say, “I wish we had a person that could….”
  • You don’t have any well-defined, repeatable processes
  • Functions like HR, customer success, and finance are under-developed
  • Tasks that are important, but not urgent, are not getting done
  • Your teams don’t seem to be on the same page
  • You are planning to scale the business
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